Cardiac imaging in clinical practice

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Romanian Society of Cardiology course endorsed by the EACVI

17-18 June 2022, Bucharest and online - Hilton Garden Inn Bucharest Hotel

Course directors: Bogdan A. Popescu, Bernard Cosyns, Thor Edvardsen


Nina Ajmone Marsan (TheNetherlands)
Luigi Badano (Italy)
Thor Edvardsen (Norway)
Bernard Cosyns (Belgium)
Victoria Delgado (Spain)
Carmen Beladan (Romania)
Ruxandra Beyer (Romania)
Andreea Calin (Romania)
Ovidiu Chioncel (Romania)
Denisa Muraru (Italy)
Roxana Enache (Romania)
Maria Magdalena Gurzun (Romania)
Adriana Ilieșiu (Romania)
Ruxandra Jurcuț (Romania)
Sorina S. Mihăilă (Romania)
Sebastian Onciul (Romania)
Bogdan A. Popescu (Romania)
Roxana Rimbaș (Romania)
Monica Roșca (Romania)

Course objectives: the programme will be case-based and will focus on the role of cardiac imaging in different clinical scenarios, highlighting its role in patients’ management, according to EACVI and ESC guidelines.

Cardiac imaging in clinical practice is accessible both onsite and online, ensuring you can access the very latest science and clinical updates, wherever you are.   

In Bucharest at Hilton Garden Inn Hotel - 12, Doamnei Street, 030055, we want to ensure you get the most from being together with leading experts and being able to talk to them directly during the meeting. You can expect to see the session, as well as onsite activities to facilitate networking.

The digital experience will continue to bring the latest science to those who are unable to attend in person. The digital platform will include all sessions in live format.

Registration fees

Registration deadline: June 15th. CME points will be awarded to the Romanian participants.