Petitie relocare European Medicines Agency in Bucuresti

Romania, the new home of EMA!

"Romania, which joined the EU in 2007, has lost tens of thousands of doctors, nurses, dentists and pharmacists to the richer west since joining. But the Eastern European country is a leading Union member when it comes to its number of medical graduates."

"The relocation to Bucharest of the European Medicines Agency is an important opportunity that Romania could use. Attracting the main offices of an agency of the European Union would increase Romania's part and visibility as a member state. We have a viable proposal, and Romania has substantial medical expertise. I want to evidence the sustained efforts of all colleagues who have worked on this file."

"The European Commission will analyse the bids and provide its own assessment to the European Council's Secretariat General before September 15, 2017. A final decision will be made at a November 2017 meeting of the General Affairs Council 2017."

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